Board of Directors

Education Advisors Board


Our Vision

A world where common values are brought back into the classroom and the home to create harmony for all.

Our Mission

We adopt at-risk schools and give every kindergartner books, activities, and videos teaching them to believe in themselves, respect themselves, and respect others, while empowering them with confidence to thrive in a productive society.

“The only thing worse than abuse on a child is not teaching them simple core values. By bringing values back into the classroom and the home, positive change not only will occur, it must occur. The alternative is what we are currently living!”

Todd & Jackie Courtney-Founders

Directors & Officers

Todd J Courtney

Co-Founder, President

Jackie A Courtney

Co-Founder, Secretary

Elizabeth F Noell

Director of Education

Paul Michael, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Dave Statler

Development Director

Join the board of a cutting-edge non-profit focused on helping “at-risk” children.

Are you ready for the world to change? Do you have a desire to be part of that change?

We’re looking for people with influence who want to help drive postive change which is long overdue.

We have the products, program, metrics, testimonials, and the innovation showing what we’re doing is not only working, it’s thriving!

Education Advisor Board

Elizabeth F Noell

Chair and Retired Teacher

Jackie A Courtney, 

Advisor and Retired Teacher

Deeann Kidd,

Advisor and Teacher

Katisha Fonville

Advisor and Counselor

Any interest in being on our Education Advisor Board helping “at-risk” children?

We’re looking to add members who are or have been educators, understand the challenges in “at-risk” schools and have a desire to help drive change. 

Max Rhymes Ambassadors

Rick Young

Ambassador of New York

Harlem, New York

Lynette Brannon

Ambassador of Texas

Austin, Texas

This Could Be You


City and State

We’re looking to add local Ambassador’s to expand in more cities. If you have the compassion and drive to help “at-risk” children in schools with limited resources, think outside the box, and want to help the Max Rhymes Foundation reach more children, please inquire.